Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to justify your Massage Therapy to your spouse in a bad economy

Step 1.

You know the old saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Reason with your spouse that you can't afford to be sick, especially if you are self employed and don't have sick days. If getting your massage therapy prevents you from throwing out you're back or losing work due to a migraine headache or other health condition isn't it saving you $$ in the long run?

Step 2

Make an Announcement: "Hey sweetie, you know how you complain about me taking up so much of the closet and want me to get rid of stuff around the house? Well, I’m going to have a garage sale and spend what I make on massage therapy, OK?
(If you make quite a bit, buy gift certificates so it won’t get spent on something else.)

Step 3

Find Someone To Barter- As a Massage Therapist for many years I have bartered for house cleaning, prescription glasses, hair services, nails, vitamins.. If you're in a career that would be conducive to bartering such as those aforementioned, or a tutor, carpenter... You can find someone willing to barter if you take the time to make some calls.
(If you live in S. Ca. area give ME a call!!!)

Step 4

Tell your spouse that the ONLY thing you want for any special occasion such as Wedding anniversary's etc... Is a gift certificate for massage therapy?

Step 5

You could try saying : "You know Dear YOU should be getting massage therapy as well! It would help with you're _______(fill in the blank)
*Most people know Massage relieves stress and relaxes muscles but it also lessens depression and anxiety, alleviates low-back pain, lowers blood pressure, improves flexibility, relieves migraine pain, strengthens the immune system, improves rehabilitation after injury and helps athletes to prepare for and recover from, strenuous workouts.

Step 6
Hey Love, I know how you hate to bring me out every weekend to dinner and the movies. If I can get a massage once a month, we can stay home more often and find something to do around here instead of a movie. ("Wink- wink)


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